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Aug 28

Dear Australians: what/who are the bogans?

Aug 24

James Blunt why do you swim in pants?
Why do you not wear sock with sneakers?
What is the message here?

Aug 23

Whenever I hear the line “to all my neighbors, you got much flavor” I sort of picture Montell as a cannibal.

Aug 22

I hate when it when I’m unpacking after a long trip and I find things I never used. You know: here’s two unread books and half a pound of almonds that I’ve hogged around for the last 11,000 miles, and now they’re back in my kitchen. I could have saved some effort there.

Aug 15

This must have been crazy hard to do. The pitches are held constant, and even the frequencies out to a quarter-second or so are held constant. Crazy.

It remind me of the paradox of our hearing. We can’t normally sense pressure waves, right? What we hear as pitch is the frequency of the change in the pressure wave. What we hear as notes, or a beat, is the frequency of the change of the frequency of the change in the pressure wave. And so on…

Bethel test for the cases in this ebola outbreak, now at just under 2000. It’s quadratic { +,+ at 0.01}. I always expect highly infectious diseases to be cubic, but I’ve never seen one.

Aug 14

My whole life I’ve had this belief that men’s dress shirts had an extra buttonhole at the bottom, for decoration. Apparently all my shirts are just missing buttons. I cannot believe this.

Aug 12

Aug 11

OK, very serious question here. If you are referring to an entity with nonstandard capitalization, like eBay or bell hooks or e.e. cummings, do you capitalize them at the beginning of the sentence or not? Like, which is correct:

bell hooks ate a biscuit.


Bell hooks ate a biscuit.


Aug 8

Top ten books Sphinx currently considers most interesting:

Brighton Rock, by Graham Greene
Beggars and Choosers, by Nancy Kress
The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Dead Souls, by Nikolai Gogol
1984, by George Orwell [tied for 5th]
Green Henry, by Gottfried Keller [tied for 5th]
Something I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You, by Alice Munro
Silas Marner, by George Eliot
Middlemarch, by George Eliot
Beggars in Spain, by Nancy Kress

For more, check the website. In other news, tubing down the century-flood-high Aare river with Liam Nilsen.

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