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Jul 13

I have a new game coming out. It’s called Intrigue, not CYPRF—that’s a test board—and it’s an experiment in what I think of as high-sujet games: there’s a strong thematic content, which is not usually my style. It’s also PF intense, as I think this video captures even for those of who don’t speak Norwegian.

Jul 9

Let us take a moment to reflect on the lesson set for us by Holden Day Wilson, attorney at law, who on this day in 1993 plunged to his death from a Toronto skyscraper in an attempt to demonstrate to a client that the window glass was unbreakable.

Jul 7

The genius move is that 4chan trolls don’t actually need to post gore-inducing triggersplatter, or whatever it is, in order to take out a tag. All the tags in question have now taken themselves out with SIGNAL BOOST OMG 4CHAN IS COMING!!!! And that might last for weeks. Saves all kinds of work.

Jul 4


The thing where you are trying to remember a word or name or number sequence, and you can’t do it. But then it just pops into your conscious mind twenty seconds later.


I would give my soul, or at least buy someone else’s soul on eBay and trade it in, to know exactly what is happening in those twenty seconds.


Jul 1

Five New Articles

Or something. They’re all up on the old/new site: Zemita. Mostly about artificial intelligence, with some sidelines into Moore’s Law and this weird dictionary of symbols I ran across.

Jun 29


have i told you guys about the Flint rock before?

its this rectangle rock thing thats by the highway and almost every night for 50 years its been painted over and painted over, usually with memorials for loved ones





and even though is illegal no one ever stops them and every few years people get together to peel the paint off to start fresh and look at all the paint that comes off



and nobody knows who started the tradition or what the rock even is for

i just think its really cool

This is extremely cool but I feel compelled to point out that this is not a “rock”, it is a block of concrete.

(via theres-a-war-foryourmind)

Jun 27
“The parties are advised to chill.” Federal Court (9th circuit) Justice Alex Kozinski, concluding his dismissal of both lawsuits in Mattel vs. MCA, over the Aqua song “Barbie Girl”

Jun 20

I have this fantasy where all the misguided parenting energy directed at LGBTQetc youth gets magically shifted over to the way journalists deal with political candidates.

"Have you tried not running for political office?"

"I don’t have a problem with you personally, I just don’t think it’s natural for men to rule over other men."

"When did you first feel the urge to legislate?"

"Was there some sort of trauma in your childhood that made you seek out the gubernatorial lifestyle?"

Jun 17

I finally caught Babbage, our woodchuck, and I gave him an onion to eat as per the recipe, but S made me let him go.

So sad.

"Citation needed"s in Wikipedia’s Salvador Dalí article

…an endless party game…

—> [Dalí and Edward James] also collaborated on two of the most enduring icons of the Surrealist movement: the Lobster Telephone and the Mae West Lips Sofa.

—>[After 1939], some surrealists henceforth spoke of Dalí in the past tense, as if he were dead.

—>After Gala’s death, Dalí lost much of his will to live. He deliberately dehydrated himself, possibly as a suicide attempt, with claims stating he had tried to put himself into a state of suspended animation as he had read that some microorganisms could do. He moved from Figueres to the castle in Púbol, which he had bought for Gala and had been the site of her death.

—>Improvisation on a Sunday Afternoon, [a] television collaboration with the British progressive rock group Nirvana.

—>As a result [of him signing blank canvases that others painted later], art dealers tend to be wary of late works attributed to Dalí.

—>The entertainer Cher and her husband Sonny Bono, when young, came to a party at Dalí’s expensive residence in New York’s Plaza Hotel and were startled when Cher sat down on an oddly shaped sexual vibrator left in an easy chair.

—>His copious writings freely mixed words from different languages with terms entirely of his own devising.

—>When signing autographs for fans, Dalí would always keep their pens.

—>During another television appearance, on The Tonight Show, Dalí carried with him a leather rhinoceros and refused to sit upon anything else.

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