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Mar 27

A lot of people have said that they preferred band X’s “early stuff”. But because of math, somewhere out there in the world is the guy who said that _soonest_…perhaps only a few hours after band X’s debut in a Newark dive bar.

I want to meet that guy.

Day 13673

Day 11702

Day 11702

Day 11702

Right, so the following songs are all relevant to different days on my twelve days project…

Oct 19

Possibly my favorite Rickie Lee Jones line, and on my short list for my favorite lyrics of all time:

Polly and I went to the circus

And Polly got hit with a rolling pin

We are even with the circus

We bought tickets, but we didn’t go in

My sister took me out to see Rickie Lee Jones last night, for my birthday (which wasn’t last night).  Anaïs and I have both loved RLJ since we were kids, but I had pretty low expectations.  It’s hard enough to tour on a set that requires a lot of vocal and emotional exertion.  But when that set is thirty years old….well, I wasn’t expecting her to bring it.  She kind of brought it, though.

The crowd was super-old, which was dissonant with the youthful / bohemian feel of the material.  We were pretty much the youngest people there, and I’m 37 per recent birthday.  On the ride back, afterwards (full moon but no sign of this vaunted eclipse) Anaïs asked: what would RLJ’s fan base be like if she had released her best albums today, instead of in the late 70s?

I wonder about that too.

Sep 10

The more I read nuanced critiques of the intersectional sociocultural biases in popular culture, the more I can’t wait to see what kind of obnoxious music kids are torturing their parents with in 15 years.

We had NWA.  That was pretty good.  It did the job.  

Jun 20

Listening to Rickie Lee Jones The Real End.  Which is a great, great song, from an amazing album.  When I was a kid, we had it on vinyl, and it used to skip right after the word “lamb”.  I haven’t heard that record in at least a decade, but every time I hear the song, my brain glitches, expecting to hear:

The way I treated my little lamb my little lamb my little lamb my little lamb…

…Marquis de Sade and her new clown  

And so I’m thinking how Kids These Days have never had this experience…

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